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Learn How To Address Abuse

If you've navigated to this page, it's likely that you've had a negative experience on TheHashtagChallenge. We understand that it can be frustrating when online interactions become difficult. Abusive behavior can take many forms, like having an argument with someone else on TheHashtagChallenge or coming across posts that you find offensive.

The resources on this page should help you successfully approach the conflicts you may experience on TheHashtagChallenge platform, and we hope they'll provide helpful solutions.

What you can do

Understand TheHashtagChallenge

TheHashtagChallenge is a fast, beautiful and fun way to participate in daily challenges with family and friends through a series of photos and videos.

Consider the context

When you see an upsetting post, caption or comment on TheHashtagChallenge, consider the larger conversation it may be connected to. Step back and determine the context of the post. Many people use TheHashtagChallenge in ways that are specific only to our service, which can create some confusion when something is taken out of context. Have you checked hashtags associated with the post? It's possible that the post is part of a trend or may be referring to something that's not obvious. Review all information related to the post or the full profile of the person who shared the post to understand the whole story.

Think before you comment

When you find yourself in a dispute, stop and think about the effect your next post might have. In these moments, ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” or “What do I gain if I continue to engage in this conflict?” While it's easier said than done, acknowledging harassment by engaging in harassment yourself can reinforce bad behavior and may encourage the other person to continue their aggressive behavior.

Block and ignore

When you receive unwanted communication from another person, it's recommended that you block that person and end any communication. Specifically, this will prevent that person from following you or searching for your profile. Abusive people often lose interest once they realize that you will not respond or that they can no longer interact with you.

When a dispute or abuse has gone too far
While it's tempting to respond back to messages in anger, focusing on calm discussion or refusing to argue is a better response. However, there are some situations where more action may be necessary. The rest of the tips in this section offer some suggestions for where to go to get help.


Reach out to the people you trust

When dealing with negative or hurtful interactions, it can help to turn to family and friends for support and advice. Often, talking it out with your relatives or a close friend may help you figure out how you want to handle the situation or let you express your feelings so you can move on. However, we also recognize that options may be limited. If you don’t have someone to talk to about what is happening online, there are many online resources that can help:


Report a violation

Be sure to read through TheHashtagChallenge Community Guidelines and Terms.

After reviewing our guidelines, if you believe an account isn't following one or many of these, you should report abuse with us on This is the fastest way to get abusive posts or profiles reviewed.

If you're experiencing repeat or extensive abuse, if a hate account has been created using your likeness, or abuse persists after taking preventative measures, you can report the account to TheHashtagChallenge directly for review. Please provide all necessary information in your report; this will help your issue be resolved as quickly as possible.

TheHashtagChallenge only removes accounts and posts that aren't following our Guidelines and Terms. It's important to remember that TheHashtagChallenge doesn't mediate disputes between people who use our service.

If we remove something that goes against our Community Guidelines, we'll tell the person who posted it, but we'll never reveal any information about the person who reported it.

Contact local law enforcement or legal representation

We'll investigate every report we receive. However, when an argument appears to have gone beyond the point of a personal conflict and may have turned into a credible threat, whether it be online or offline, you should contact your local authorities. They are in the best position to assess the threat and intervene or help as necessary.

If contacted by law enforcement directly, we can work with them and provide the necessary information for their investigation of your issue. You can point local law enforcement to our Information for Law Enforcement.

If you feel that your online dispute is legal in nature, please seek advice from a lawyer. TheHashtagChallenge can't offer any legal advice, and we can't provide information about people who use our service except as required by valid legal process.

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